Owner and Executive Chef Rachel Goldman

About Us

I am infatuated with fresh whole food, have fallen in love with cooking, and I feel pure joy when I watch family, friends, clients and their friends enjoy the meals I prepare.

My love for food grows with each meal and each experience I take on. I truly enjoy meeting local farmers and visiting local family-owned shops. It is this curiosity that has led me to discover the finest butchers, cheese shops and produce purveyors.

I was fortunate to spend my childhood clamming off the coasts of Nantucket, visiting the local dairy farms of the Berkshires and the maple syrup makers of Vermont. From China to France, from Israel to South Africa, I have been blessed with a diverse family that has lived and traveled throughout the world; inevitably my palate and knowledge of food has benefited greatly. The traditions in my family—the holidays with recipes passed through generations and those that are newly created—originally inspired me to take cooking to the next level.

I love feeding people -- I love seeing the joy of those nourished by my food. Introducing a person, whether a child or an adult, to something they've never eaten and realizing that they have discovered a new delicious food is so satisfying.

The art of slow cooking is fascinating. Falling off the bone, melting in your mouth, the natural jus, these are qualities that I treasure. Simple cuisine, using the freshest ingredients -- amazing on its own, unadulterated; something my mother taught me to appreciate and love.

What fills me most is that I have the opportunity to help families and individuals enjoy clean, masterfully prepared food in the comfort of their own homes. I grew up with my mother’s wonderful meals on the table each night and for all our family events. I want that joyful memory for every client who engages our services.

Food enhances the quality of life. I have the talent to make that your reality.


Rachel Goldman

Founder, Owner, and Executive Chef